Jess Eckford-Aguilera has always had a special connection to Newcastle.

A born and raised Novocastrian, Jess is shaking things up by using her decades of passion and experience to give the Hunter a market like no other.

Jess jump started her career in Events Management at the age of 18 and opened her first company in 2003. Angelic Events made a huge splash under Jess, curating celebrated events such as Newcastle Fashion Weekend and Australian Bridal Fashion Week.

After completing the third ABFW in 2016, Jess found her passions pulling her back to Newcastle to create her biggest project yet: Newcastle Food & Flower Markets.

From the beginning, Jess wanted to give Newcastle a must-see destination for both locals and tourists to appreciate the best our city has to offer. The response has been overwhelming, with many delighting in the added convenience of having our first-class products on offer.

But going forward, Jess has her sights set on even bigger goals for the market.

As a parent raising three boys alongside her husband Franco, Jess hopes to give the people of Newcastle a space to learn about the benefits of organic, locally sourced produce – not just for us, but for Australia as a whole.

For Jess, that’s the real goal of the Newcastle Food & Flower Market: to lead Newcastle into a healthier, sustainable future by supporting local growers.

Through her creative workshops and quality food and flowers, Jess is showing us that the best produce is found in the ground, and not on a supermarket shelf.