Florals & Greens: Blooming Peonies & Dripping Hydrangeas

Welcome to the first edition of Florals & Greens! In each post, we’ll be featuring the freshest flowers and plants currently in season, all of which are available at our very own flower markets. Whether you’re crafting a bouquet, expanding your garden, or just looking for some floral inspiration, stay tuned to our Food & Flower Market [...]

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As Seen on Sydney Weekender!

If you’re a regular viewer of the hit travel show Sydney Weekender, you might have seen a special feature about our very own Newcastle Food & Flower Markets! We were incredibly honoured to be visited by Mike Whitney for a special segment on ‘What to do on a weekend trip to Newcastle,’ aired on Sunday [...]

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Welcome to Our Food & Flower Blog!

Here at Newcastle Food & Flower Markets, we’re always looking for new ways to enrich the lives of our happy customers. Whether it be through fresh food, inspiring workshops or just a warm and friendly atmosphere, our mission is to bring you the best experience with your weekly flowers and produce.  That’s why we couldn’t [...]

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