Meet Our New Café Menu!

After months of planning and a total kitchen renovation, we were so excited to finally launch our brand new café menu earlier this December!  Crafted by our new head chef Bec, the new menu embodies everything we hope to promote with our markets: dietary inclusive food, created with a flair for aesthetic beauty and made [...]

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Our Massive Christmas Markets

Christmas is not only our favourite time of year, it’s also a great time to get out there and support the many dedicated local businesses in Newcastle. If you have a certain gift in mind for the special people in your life, chances are there’s a different, high-quality option made by a local, independent creator [...]

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Florals & Greens: Festive Christmas Bush

We always think that the best way to celebrate any holiday is with a bouquet of seasonal flowers, and that’s especially true for our freshly blooming holiday favourite, Christmas Bush!  Native to New South Wales, Christmas Bush – also known as Ceratopetalum Gummiferum – is known for its beautiful pink and red flowers that only [...]

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Florals & Greens: Blooming Peonies & Dripping Hydrangeas

Welcome to the first edition of Florals & Greens! In each post, we’ll be featuring the freshest flowers and plants currently in season, all of which are available at our very own flower markets. Whether you’re crafting a bouquet, expanding your garden, or just looking for some floral inspiration, stay tuned to our Food & Flower Market [...]

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As Seen on Sydney Weekender!

If you’re a regular viewer of the hit travel show Sydney Weekender, you might have seen a special feature about our very own Newcastle Food & Flower Markets! We were incredibly honoured to be visited by Mike Whitney for a special segment on ‘What to do on a weekend trip to Newcastle,’ aired on Sunday [...]

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Welcome to Our Food & Flower Blog!

Here at Newcastle Food & Flower Markets, we’re always looking for new ways to enrich the lives of our happy customers. Whether it be through fresh food, inspiring workshops or just a warm and friendly atmosphere, our mission is to bring you the best experience with your weekly flowers and produce.  That’s why we couldn’t [...]

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