Welcome to the first edition of Florals & Greens! In each post, we’ll be featuring the freshest flowers and plants currently in season, all of which are available at our very own flower markets. Whether you’re crafting a bouquet, expanding your garden, or just looking for some floral inspiration, stay tuned to our Food & Flower Market blog for the latest edition of Florals & Greens!

The tail-end of Spring can only mean one thing for floral enthusiasts: it’s peony season! With their silky-soft petals and bold, striking colour palette, peonies are some of the most sought-after flowers for wedding bouquets or centrepieces. In fact, many consider the bloom of the peonies to mark the beginning of the Australian wedding season. But while every bride wants a peony in her bouquet, these gorgeous flowers are the perfect addition to your home in the lead up to a scorching Australian summer. These are the kind of flowers that people are just drawn to, and their vibrant array of scents will liven up any room in your home.  

Our peonies are all sourced from local growers. They reached their prime in November but will continue to bloom into the early weeks of December. 

It’s important to keep on top of your hydration as we enter the summer season, and no flower is more aware of this than the beautiful and aptly named hydrangea! People love hydrangeas because of their old-fashioned charm, but their hardiness and relative easiness to grow has made them a particularly popular addition to many Australian homes. Hydrangeas are also available in a huge variety of colours, from pink, white, purple, blue, and everything in between! It’s easy to see why they’ve garnered a reputation as one of the more dependable and versatile flowers out there. 

Our founder and flower expert Jess Eckford-Aguilera recommends first dunking your hydrangeas entirely in a bath or sink full of water to get them fully hydrated, before shaking the water off and placing them in a vase, with water. 

Check out the gallery of our very own peonies and hydrangeas below, and let us know what your favourite florals and greens were this Spring!  

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