We always think that the best way to celebrate any holiday is with a bouquet of seasonal flowers, and that’s especially true for our freshly blooming holiday favourite, Christmas Bush! 

Native to New South Wales, Christmas Bush – also known as Ceratopetalum Gummiferum – is known for its beautiful pink and red flowers that only blossom around the month of December. In fact, the most interesting part of this plant is that it actually grows small white and creamy coloured flowers during Spring. Come Christmastime, these flowers begin to die off and are replaced with vibrant red sepals that sprout all around the plant, giving the Christmas Bush its iconic hue! 

But don’t worry if you don’t live in New South Wales, as there are three types of Christmas Bush that each grow in different regions, Australia-wide. 

Victorian Christmas Bush grows in all states excluding Western Australia, sprouting beautiful white flowers with purple and orange speckles. The white Tasmanian Christmas bush fairs best on the Eastern and Southern Coasts. Lastly, the Western Australian Christmas Bush comes in the form of a brilliant orange tree known as the Nuytsia, which has sap-stealing roots sharp enough to cut through human skin. While its colour is definitely a site to behold, it’s safe to say the Nuytsia might be the Grinch of the Christmas Bush family.  

Our in-house floral expert Emmah recommends using the Christmas Bush to add some quick and easy impact to your Christmas table, whether it be in a jar, vase or just laid flat! We also recommend giving the plant lots of sunlight and regular watering so that its colour can stay vibrant. 

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